Known as the Internal Wing Aircraft company

The Supero name comes from the Latin word “supero”, which can be translated as “to rise above,  surmount, transcend” – and we do. If you have any interest in flying, or aeronautical technologies, you will be amazed at what Supero is doing. Supero Unmanned Aerial Systems – Supero is building flying machines such as you’ve never seen.

Flying will never be the same…

Learn about Supero’s Search and Rescue UAV and our Fire Fighting UAV.

SITE OVERVIEW: From Inspiration to Theory to Reality, a 35-year Journey

Science behind Supero UAVs*: The physics of flying – more controversial than you might think. But keep in mind that the first bicycle was invented fifty years before manned flight, and we still don’t completely understand the physics of bicycling. This section is in three parts: general physics of flying; current Coanda Effect applications; and the work of the Internal Wing Aircraft company, or IWA… us, in other words.

Supero UAS Technology*: A little of Supero’s history; the evolution of Supero’s designs; Supero’s unique implementation of the science; Supero’s patents.

Supero Test Results: Build. Test. Refine. Repeat. Supero shows you the results from wind-tunnel testing, and comments from aerodynamicists.

Pictures of Superos UAVs: From CAD drawings to videos of flying prototypes.

UAS and UAV References: Some suggestions for further research, in case you want to dig deeper into the underlying science and potential implementations.

[*While the terms “science” and “technology” have different meanings, in real life they often blend into one another, with science discovering new knowledge which aids in the creation of new artifacts (tools, devices), and new technological applications feeding real-world information back into the science to further refine it. On this site, on our Science and Technology pages, you will find some of the same overlap. Reality often does not fit neatly into categories.]

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